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No Hits Necessary!

By Dennis Garces (Strategic Advisor/Board Member/A&R and Marketing Music Industry Veteran/Gooner)

In the world of advertising, music plays such a critical role in capturing the customers attention. The right track can make a commercial stand out, create an emotional connection with the audience, and ultimately lead to an effective commercial. However, there seems to be a misconception amongst musical creators that you need to write a chart-topping song to get synced in a great commercial. Here are a few reasons why this isn’t true.

1. The Music Needs to Fit the Brand.

When it comes to music in advertising, it's not just about writing a great song. The music needs to fit the message of the commercial. A catchy tune might get stuck in people's heads, but if it doesn't align with the brand’s values and image, it can often lead to a flat and arbitrary pairing of audio and visual. Rather than focusing on writing a hit song, perhaps focus on understanding the brand and its target audience, then craft a tune that fits the bill.

2 . Existing Music Can Be Repurposed.

This is something of a “work smarter not harder thought process”, and it may seem obvious, but repurposing your existing music is an efficient way to approach sync opportunities, saving time, money, and it allows you to tap into an existing fan base. For example, if you're a band, consider licensing one of your existing tracks for use in a commercial. If it's a great fit, it could lead to increased exposure for your band and your music. A good track is always a good track.

3. Focus on Licensing.

Finally, one of the best ways to get your music synced in a great commercial is by focusing on licensing. There are many music libraries and licensing platforms like MDIIO, hyprAUDIO and Bopper Music out there that specialize in placing music in commercials, film, gaming and online ads. By working with one of these platforms, you can consistently get your music in front of the right people and increase your chances of getting it placed.

Don't give up on the dream of having your music heard in mainstream advertising.

Focus on your industry targets and cater to them.

Use your creative catalog efficiently.

Commit some time to license specific creativity.

With the right approach, it can absolutely happen! We see it every week.


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