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MDIIO - A Community of Like-Minded Weirdos for the Cool Kids

You have poured your creativity, your emotion, and your heart and your soul into your Music.

Why? Seriously I’m asking you why? Not because I’m suggesting that you’re wasting your time, or that you shouldn’t be doing these sorts of things. I am 1000% in support of expressing your creativity every single way possible. The reason I am asking the question "why," is because if this is your hobby that’s great, but if you really wanna make a significant effort in turning your passion into your profession, there are many many things that MDIIO can provide to you to help you professionalize your career. All for free! If you were looking at MDIIO through a myopic lens, of only getting a placement, then maybe MDIIO is not the right place for you. Yes of course, we would love nothing more than to create opportunities for our membership. No doubt! But step back for a moment and really try to absorb all of these other incredible career building tools that MDIIO is giving you. All for free! Here are five incredible things about MDIIO that you probably didn’t consider to help you monetize your music, optimize your optics, and transform your trajectory. All for free! Community - Did you know that there are over 5000 creators from 30+ countries who are MDIIO members just like you? Everyone shares the same common passion of music. Sometimes writing music (especially on your own) can feel isolating and lonely. Collaborating with a community of like minded weirdos (lovingly) is an awesome thing. Did you know that you can post your own projects looking for collaborators? Are you a top liner looking for a musician or a producer? Post a project! Are you an artist looking for a lyricist? Post a project! Find people, connect, and expand your community. Are you a producer looking for a guitar player? Post a project! If you’re trying to sell your mattress, go to Craigslist. All for free! Education - Nobody knows everything. Despite what social media might make you think. One of our major goals with MDIIO is to be able to provide information to help make you make better decisions. That is why this coming year and moving forward we will be putting on more MDIIO/U and MDXO events. We want to make sure that we provide you with the best information necessary to put you into a position to succeed. We have a MDIIO YouTube page with tons of incredible insights and information from leading industry experts. It is also a tremendous way to increase your professional level contacts with relevant industry insiders. All for free! Validation - Anybody that tells you that they started writing songs in anticipation of fame, fortune and Grammys would be lying. Any high-level professional songwriter that I know personally, began writing songs out of a passionate love of music. If you’re fortunate enough to turn that into financial gains even in the slightest, you should consider yourself lucky. That is meant to motivation…not to demotivate. By logging in and leveraging MDIIO as an everyday tool for your own personal career, it is ultimately validating your choice to dedicate your time in chasing your creative rainbow. So shine baby SHINE! All for free! Professionalization - MDIIO’s comprehensive tool set gives you the ability to "professionalize" your music career. Don’t you want to level up? By keeping track of every single component of your song, you could be ready to place music at any point without compromise. Storing your tracks, your collaborators, your splits, your lyrics, and allowing you to not only embed over 200 different points of meta-data, but also have the music analyzed by AI so that it is more discoverable through our (soon to be launched) hyprAUDIO platform is putting yourself in a prime position for success. Even if you never get a placement, you need to have all of your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed. Contrary to popular belief, just because you wrote a song today does not mean it will get licensed tomorrow. Sometimes you can write a song that doesn’t get licensed for years, but when it does, it can be extremely lucrative. So look at every song as a seed that you plant, sometimes they just take longer to grow. All for free! Connectivity - We already talked about the importance of community. But connectivity is a different thing altogether. As we begin to move into 2022, MDIIO will start actively promoting your music to Music Supervisors and people that can be the ultimate decision makers as to whether or not your songs get licensed. The number one path to success is by expanding your connectivity to those who need to discover you. It is MDIIO’s paramount effort to connect creators and Music Supervisors into one transformational platform. By engaging and uploading your music to MDIIO, you’re creating more opportunity for opportunity. All for free! The Coda: Obviously we would love nothing more than to make every single member on MDIIO millionaires! No one can guarantee you will get a placement. If they do, they are lying (and also probably taking your money). I think it’s very important to also recognize the fact that as a platform MDIIO is so much more than a path to a quick financial hit. If all you’re hoping to accomplish is to monetize your craft, then maybe MDIIO isn’t the place for you. But if you have a truly ingrained belief that you could be successful at this, then you need to be even more engaged in MDIIO and everything that we provide. Log in…connect…participate…join! I promise you that the more seriously you take yourself, the more seriously others will take you. And guess what… That equals financial success. And did I mention that it’s all for free!? See you next week and keep writing those hits


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