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How a Burrito Can Change Your Life

By Justin Gray (Songwriter/Producer/Founder

Throughout my career, I’ve had moments. Moments that I thought would move the needle. They didn’t. Moments that seemed insignificant. They were just the opposite. Big moments… Little moments… But every moment meant something Who knew that a random chance run-in at Chipotle would forever change the trajectory of my career? But it did. And because of a series of seemingly random and disconnected events, I’m writing this blog from my hotel room in Rome as I begin writing and producing the soundtrack for a new film I’m working on. I wouldn’t be here if not for that fateful burrito almost 12 years ago and that chance meeting at the Chipotle in Studio City. We might think we have the best intentions, and know all of the right steps to take, but the fact is that we’re all just making this s#!t up as we go along. As much as you could want to do something, and think that you can anticipate the outcome of every decision…You can’t. Learning how to adjust your sails to compensate for the wind is fundamental in achieving the success that you so desire. Two steps forward Three steps back. Four steps forward. Two steps back One step forward. Five steps back Seven steps forward. Where does that leave us? Maybe just slightly ahead of where we started. But the important thing to realize is that we are actually moving forward. Don’t get dismayed if success is not coming as quickly as you would like. It never does… And it never will. Here are some random reminders that overnight success is never overnight… patience is a virtue… And an average burrito can be truly life-changing.

A setback is only a setup for a comeback - Forward momentum is always the goal. But every now and again, a detour can actually surprisingly lead you in a new and exciting direction. The young music creative I was 25 years ago, is not the same person I am today. Yet… I couldn’t be more excited about where I currently am professionally. I could never have scripted my career path, yet it feels like I am exactly where I should be. Setbacks, sidesteps, and pivots… Are all a part of the journey.

It’s not a loss, it’s a lesson – You never lose, you only learn. Approaching every day in your career with this mantra will set you free from any disappointment. It’s OK to be upset if something that you hoped for didn’t happen. It didn’t happen for a reason, and more likely than not…that reason is to make you better!

Hard Work Pays Off - High-level superstar athletes are not that way because of talent. It’s because they literally outwork everybody else. They are the ones that are in the gym an hour before the rest of the team. They are the ones that stay and take 1000 free throws after practice. There’s another saying “the harder you work the luckier you get.” As you’ll see…I don’t believe in luck. But I do believe in the output of hard work.

There is no such thing as luck - Please put the romantic notion of luck out of your mind as it pertains to any sort of real measurable success. Even if you were to hit a hole-in-one, that’s still not luck. You’ve probably taken hundreds of thousands of golf shots leading up to that hole-in-one. That’s preparation. Never conflate the two. Luck is a lottery ticket. Preparation and hard work will lead to creating “luck” from opportunities.

The Coda: Straight lines are boring. There’s no scenery. There’s no vibe. There’s no excitement. There’s no inspiration. There’s no creativity. When you look at it that way… doesn’t the roller coaster sound so much more fun? Oh…and order the extra guacamole. It’s only a buck.

See you next week, and until then, keep writing them hits!

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