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5 Major MDIIO Mistakes You’re Making

By Justin Gray (Songwriter/Producer/Founder It can be very difficult BUT very lucrative in getting your music placed. Beyond great music, there are so many different moving parts that all need to align to turn possibilities into probability.

In the old days (circa 2002), it was an epidemic that artists would send me CD’s with no contact information. Oops The music business and artists are often slow to adapt to technologies favoring old habits instead of new methodology. MDIIO and hyprAUDIO is that new methodology. For free…so why not take advantage of these incredible tools?. Adapt quickly…Adapt slowly…just at least adapt. Either you are on the ride, or you are off it.

Here are 5 missed opportunities to better organize, optimize, monetize and professionalize your career just by leveraging MDIIO.

Not Uploading Your Music - MDIIO is literally simple to upload music. Drag and drop audio onto your profile page, and we will do the rest. We will analyze your music automagically so that it can be visible to music supervisors, and ultimately discovered and licensed. Even demos. Use MDIIO to manage everything you do daily. Opting in/out of hyprAUDIO is as simple as clicking one button. Incomplete Information - Uploading your music is obviously key. And once it’s on MDIIO, it’s already been analyzed. But going in and adding metadata enhances discoverability. Going in and adding your collaborators only increases your reach (see below). The more information you can embed, the more opportunity for opportunity! Not making Instrumentals and Stems - Sync can be painfully slow, but when the green light lights, supervisors and editors need high-resolution audio files like YESTERDAY! If you don’t have those always ready on (literally) a second notice, it could mean losing the placement. So when your songs are done and produced, ALWAYS also bounce a Full Version, TV Mix, Instrumental, and any clean versions (no profanity). If you are using samples, always indicate that a sample was used, and bounce all of these same versions without samples. Splice is not considered samples. Not interacting with the MDIIO community - Every MDIIO member gets not only 100% free use of MDIIO and hyprAUDIO, but also our MDIIOU and MDXO IRL events. Access to Grammy-winning professional mentors to help guide your path is crucial to helping inform the right decisions. Attending these events will only improve your knowledge base. Surely you can invest the time in educating yourself. Not Inviting Other Collaborators - if we don’t know who you wrote the song with, or have your collaborator information, it will be extremely difficult to track down other copyright participants in order to clear licenses. Since MDIIO is free and easy to use, adding collaborators isn’t going to be weird or awkward. If anything, they will thank you for an introduction to an awesome new service. Again...if we can't help you facilitate a placement because of incomplete information, you risk losing out. The CODA: We all LOVE writing music, but it’s the details that get you paid. There are literally millions of incredible artists and songs with no visibility to monetization because they are not administered correctly. It’s 2022…you don’t really need a publisher as long as you have a PRO and are willing to do the work. Upload and go…your career is waiting. See you next week, and keep writing them hits!


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