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MDIIO|U is a knowledge capture driven by workshops, webinars, data and analytics designed to help you step up your game.


MDIIO/U 3 Part EVENT - The Producer Series 

Writing: Be a fly on the wall as Justin Gray collaborates with other artists and songwriters as they create an original song from scratch. Listen in as they find the hook, write the lyric, build on the fly and even put down a scratch vocal.


Production: Spend a two hours with Justin Gray as he continues production from the previous weeks session. He will talk through and show how he makes certain production choices, and little tricks to help him get from concept to completion efficiently. We will be discussing instrumentation, sounds, production choices, recording techniques and vocal production.


Mixing: Immerse yourself in an intense, in-depth 2 hour mixing tutorial with master mixer Brian Malouf. Brian will go through the importance of working through templates, automation, and how to make it bump! He will cover vocal chains, master busses, bass treatment and everything else YOU need to make your mix hit!

When: Dec 1st, 8th, and 15th at 6pm EST (3pm Pacific)




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