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What does Songistry do?

Songistry is a frictionless discovery and licensing engine that democratizes access to tv/ film, advertising and gaming licensing opportunities for music creators. It’s workflows allows licensee’s to identify music with precision and accuracy using proprietary AI.

How has the Company demonstrated success to date?
The Company is currently cashflowing and supporting music creators in 19 countries and has executed a marketing partnership that will see the Company’s services introduced to 120 Countries.

Empowering the Music Industry
Whether you’re an Indie artist or a professional signed music creator, Songistry provides the tools that give you the power to chart your own financial course.



Songwriters, artists, musicians, producers, composers, DJs, bands; (creators of music content)



Music supervisors, editors, tv/ film studios and ad agencies; (licensors of music content); and 


Publishers, labels, performance rights organizations, library owners and production/ trailer houses. 

Songistry is the premier music licensing solution that leverages AI for the entire music value chain.

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MDIIO is a full service community and platform designed to help you manage your metadata and copyrights, and give you access to sync opportunities by leveling the playing field, and connecting songwriters with music supervisors in one transformational AI-driven platform.


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