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By Justin Gray (Songwriter/Producer/ Let me just immediately get this out-of-the-way: hyprAUDIO is a non-exclusive music licensing platform. We don’t own your music, we don’t publish you, and we are not your record label. We are simply a platform for you to use for FREE to elevate your music career.

Generating revenue from the songs that you write is really, really difficult. About 10 years ago I personally discovered the incredible opportunity that music for film and TV (also known as sync music) presented to songwriters and creatives.

hyprAUDIO allows us to not only monetize our music quickly but also to be able to carve out a living for ourselves. The rise of sync revenue coincided with the decline of physical and digital music sales-generating mechanical revenues. Mechanical revenues are those revenues associated with the sale of actual audio recordings…CD’s, Vinyl, and Downloads.

Discovering that I could license a song for $100,000 while still owning all of the rights to that song absolutely blew my mind! One of the first placements I ever received was for a song that was discovered via MySpace and used in an AT&T commercial. We were paid $100,000 to use the song for their advertisement for 13 weeks. We have since gone on to license that song several times over the years, earning more and more money. No label. Just us. We have been licensing this song for 10 years!

This is not meant to be a flex. This is meant to motivate, and to help you to understand that there is money to be made, careers to be established, and livelihoods to be supported by writing and producing music for film and TV.

Ever heard of..

All 7 figure earners in sync. This brings us to At MDIIO, we have over 6000 songwriters and creatives globally on our platform. But how do we create revenue-generating opportunities for them? Yes…as some of you have seen, we do from time to time post briefs on our platform for you to pitch to. Even then, it’s extremely difficult to have those songs get placed.

But the idea of creating a searchable database for music where music supervisors can go to discover and license songs easily and quickly was paramount to our evolution as a company. Super serving YOU has always been, and always will be our #1 priority. We are about to launch this transformational product known as on April 27. Here are the who, what, where, when, why, and how reasons why you need to know about hyprAUDIO! Who? - We are continuing to endeavor to build real-life tools for songwriters and creatives globally. That is always what our intention has been. It’s hard enough for songwriters to earn a living, we do not wanna be another person with a hand in your pocket. Compared to most other "rep" companies who charge subscriptions and take up to 50% of your money, we are FREE, and only take a 20% "success fee," and ONLY if we get your music placed. Upload as much as you want, share playlists and collaborate. All for FREE! Build your own playlists through hyprAUDIO and post them on your socials! What? - is an AI-driven music search and discovery engine where we connect those looking to be discovered with those looking to discover. It’s a search engine specifically designed to connect music supervisors to our ever-growing community of music creators.

When? - On April 27, we will be launching our first edition of If you want to be discovered, upload your music to your MDIIO profile in order to opt into hyprAUDIO. It is as simple as a click right next to the title. Again all of this is completely free of charge. We only get paid IF YOU DO!

Where? - We have already started creating and activating relationships with Music Supervisors globally. As we grow, more and more "supes" will become part of our ecosystem. Our goal is to help create passive revenue streams by activating YOUR music.

Why? - As a professional songwriter myself, I was just sick and tired of watching the middle class of songwriter get decimated by technology. And understanding the true benefits (and how to create revenue from sync), it just felt right to find a way to open this up for everyone. There are exclusive platforms out there that take up to 75% of YOUR MONEY for a placement. For what? Sending someone an email? We think that’s criminal! is intended to be a global democratic ecosystem where everybody’s songs can be discovered and licensed…completely non-exclusively.

How? -When you upload your music to, we automatically analyze that song and apply over 200 different points of metadata. We then use that same metadata to power the search. Even if you don’t manually add a metadata tag, your music is still searchable and discoverable through The more music you continue to finish, and the more music you upload, the more opportunities will find you. And how are you discovered? How does it work exactly? Anyone can upload an MP3 or copy and paste a YouTube or SoundCloud link into our powerful search engine, and we will do the rest. Let our AI find the perfect match for that search.

The Coda: We are so grateful to have YOU as a part of our incredible and ever-growing community. We want to continue to offer all of our services 100% absolutely free. is no different. We wanted to make sure that there is literally no barrier to entry to creating the best opportunities possible for you. makes the music discovery and licensing experience more efficient than ever before. So if you’re ready to take your music AND YOUR CAREER to the next level, we are here to help!!

See you next week…and keep writing them hits


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